Minerva ERP

Minerva ERP is a global software that helps you to integrate back-office business processes and facilitate the flow of information within an organization to ensure that business decisions are driven by data. It is built to organize data from various levels of an organization and interface business activities across departments.

Minerva ERP DutiesWhat are its Duties?

It collects, organizes, manages, interprets the data accordingly and distributes the data between all the units within the company standardize and automate its business processes and improve the efficiency of operations.

Why do you need ERP?

  • Expertise in making user friendly software using best practices of technology.
  • Deliver simple solution to clients that will work more effective. Enterprises must increase the speed of information delivery with our integrated system.
  • Our primary vision is to deliver on time.
  • We strongly believe that Cost effective solutions of our ERP will provide effectiveness without compromising the quality.
  • Handling and securing all projects. We keep client sharing information very confidential to possess confidential policy along with company policy.

Minerva ERP

Minerva ERP Unique Features

  • Highly parameterized - to reduce data entry
  • Accurate and faster access to data for timely decisions
  • Multi User and Multi Company
  • Cloud Portability
  • Easier process flow
  • Complete history and logging of transactions
  • Graphical representation for MIS Reports
  • Export option for MS Excel/Text/CSV/PDF
  • SMS/Email Intimation (to customer / suppliers / User)
  • Auto Backup / user defined auto backup schedule
  • Auto database maintenance to prevent data corrupt
  • Integration with all other software
  • Integration with Tally
  • Reduction of Paperwork
  • User Level Restrictions based on pre-set limits
  • Existing Data can be uploaded from any kind of spreadsheet or txt files
  • Access to business data from anywhere (works with cell phones, wireless and more)
  • Open Architecture (runs on most hardware, Operating systems and SQL servers)
  • Can easily Integrate with E-commerce Application
  • Advanced Technology design
  • User customizable interface, menus, colors and more
  • Module based, so you only have to pay for what you need
  • Can easily maintain term based ISO Records

ROI Benefits

  • Standardizes your Organizational work flow as per your requirements
  • Adaptability and flexibility of the software
  • A short implementation time & No-cost Training
  • Landed Cost Management System
  • Fit with business procedures
  • Fast Data Entry & Real time information on stock, production and order status
  • Minimize acquisition costs; Maximize supplier collaborations
  • Helps to follow ISO 9001 Procedures for best QMS
  • Reduces operating costs & Manpower
  • Accurate costing & effective MIS Reports
  • Timely information is Generated by system to improve customer relations and further activities.
  • Decision Support System
  • Increased Productivity
  • Can easily integrate with Other Applications

There are 3 ERP software that are provided under Minerva ERP:

For Small Vendors and Small Scale Industries

For Small and Medium Scale Industries

For Large Scale Industries