• Custom Software
    06 / 05 / 2016 Friday
    Minerva Soft is developing highly customized software that support wide range of applications with unique features and latest technologies at affordable cost like iSecure, Complaints Systems, Asset Management, Container Loading, CRM, HRM, Document Viewer, Medical Research etc...

  • MinervaERP V 9.3.3
    09 / 01 / 2017 Monday
    MinervaERP V.9.3.3 new version will be launched soon with additional modules and new facilities on Mar 2017.

  • Placement Program
    31 / 03 / 2016 Thursday
    We are very proud to provide Training cum Placement program for fresher's to drive with new technologies and Real time training.
    Web : Please follow us on http://www.minervatraining.net

  • Dedicated Teams
    02 / 12 / 2013 Monday
    Dedicated Development team model represents a full-time cost-effective development team allocated to work exclusively on your projects on a long-term or short term basis. Our dedicated development team will operate on your schedule and environment.

  • MinervaERP for Institutions
    18 / 07 / 2016 Monday
    MinervaERP V.3.0.5I School/College universal ERP will be launched on Mar 2017. Our Smart School/College Management ERP Software has comprehensive features that are user friendly and instrumental in effective School and College management.